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Organic Farmer

  • Committed to organic farming Record the activities of planting, taking care, harvesting, welding, and selling products. Organic products through TOCA Platform, both online market, B2C with consumers and B2B with entrepreneurs. and organic tourism activities Organic Tourism
  • To be an individual or group of organic farmers.
  • There is an admin who manages and supports farmers using the TOCA Platform.
  • Farmer is interested in expanding production Increase the production volume to support the welding market.
  • Ready to use the record or link to sell products via TOCA Platform.


  • Hotel/Restaurant connects to buy organic produce from farmers through the TOCA Platform and promote marketing activities such as Earth Points/promotions/organic menus, etc.
  • Hotel/Restaurant interested in using organic produce and can inform the need for using organic produce/month to be informed as information for coordinating farmers.
  • Ready to learn how to use and order products via the TOCA Platform
  • Co-create organic menus or join various marketing promotions.
  • Contribute to Points: earn and redeem Earth Points.
  • interested in waste management and recorded through the Waste Management System.


  • The organic consumer is the driving force. More than consuming healthy organic food but helps to balance the environment, healthy farmers, social and income distribution, TOCA engagement activities, Earth Points can be earned from.
  • Eat - Organic menu from hotels/restaurants.
  • Purchase - Rice products, vegetables, fruits, processed products.
  • Travel - Farm trip learn the organic way.
  • Learn - Participate in workshops such as Organic farming, Circular Economy, etc.